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:heart: I really appreciate constructive criticism. Feel free to point out if something feels off! :heart:

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I'm a major procrastinator and easily distracted, so expect things things to be mostly slow. It sometimes takes me a while to respond to messages, but I try to respond to Favorites and Llama Badges with the same.

I really appreciate constructive criticism. Feel free to point out if something feels off!

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:plug: While there will be some doodles and practice drawings here and there, everything else in my scraps are things I haven't finished, but plan to. Those that I'm sure I'll finish one day will be put in their respective folders as evidence that I'm not just doing nothing and will be removed when the finished deviation is uploaded, or something like that.

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:iconlatias-eevee: - My original account; is for original art, pet photos, and miscellaneous. (Plus some left from before making the other two accounts.)

:iconhatori-no-uta: - My nature account.

:iconlatee-hatori: - My fan-art account.

:iconasperia-sparrow: - For fanart based off more mature works, random weird humor, or generally off-base.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:iconarterra-visions: - This is an account I made for my grandmother. (Very low cell phone and computer aren't cooperating...)
...slightly more mature content, just a little too weird content, and/or random humor.  I don't plan on being too explicit/out there, but who knows what others will think and what might change.  Mostly fanart and fanfiction.

At first I was only half serious about this thought, since it takes me forever to do anything and most of the ideas were the type to fade quickly or take a while...However, shortly after finding a new fanfiction site and learning of's purging of incorrectly rated M fanfiction and actually getting somewhere with some fanfics I started to consider this more seriously, expanding, and redefining what might go into the account.

Partially I want to separate these because I've shared links to Latias-Eevee and Latee-Hatori with various family members and on Facebook, even if most usually don't check, there are a few that do....Partially, also, because I feel some of it would feel a bit out of place after the other things I've already posted on Latee-Hatori with little to no hint of the other stuff and my Latias-Eevee account is just plain crowded, and has mostly pet photos... But I'm also not completely sure of entirely disassociating my other accounts with it, I've kind of fell in love with the name I came up with.  As much as I love the names and variations of them I've been associated with for years, I just wanted to try to do something different, something in English, less Pokemon, that I've come up with on my own.  (Even if most of the fanart and fanfiction will still mostly be on Japanese games, anime, and manga.  ^^;)

I guess mostly what I'm wanting to know where to draw the line with this, as this will also affect how I handle my accounts on and  Should I not make the account and just put extra labels where needed, completely separate the account, or make it and provide a link in my DA ID with my other accounts with a warning.  Should the fanart I post there be based on the maturity rating of the series as a whole or in the content of the artwork, then after that also taking into consideration of the rating of the fanfic a piece might have be inspired by?

Truthfully what I currently have near done isn't too different from what I've already done in the past, the problem is the sources.  While there isn't really anything on Latee-Hatori, I do have some light BL (Boys Love/yaoi) fanfiction and art on Latias-Eevee and the fanfics I'm working on are roughly the same level, if a bit darker...But there is a big difference between T rated Kyou Kara Maou that has only a little romance and M/MA rated Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi whose plots pretty much revolve around the characters developing relationships, with a lot of love scenes.  Both the sketch that's nearly done and one I have in planning are also not only based on SiH, but of MA rated fanfics to boot.  The first one could probably pass as safe, maybe, slightly drunk/flushed cat man bowing in an apron.  But the second one implies a bit of violence with the guy holding a bloody bullet. (Actually there's three, but the very first one is a practice sketch, I'll post it in scraps, but am unlikely to finish.  This one is definitely safe.)

What do you guys think of this?   ....I hope this is understandable and not too ramblely...
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